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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Bucks County! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Bucks County, PA. Our story began when a couple decided to open a company that focuses not only on the customer’s safety but also on the welfare of the wild animals. After gaining extensive experience, working on different cases, and going through years of training, we managed to develop a method that is both swift and effective. At our company, we assure our customers that they will enjoy consistent and excellent results. We are 100% in control of the services that we offer, from the customer support to the big day, which includes inspection, trapping, removal, exclusion, remediation, decontamination, and even disposal of the carcass. We are also ready to conduct follow-up services should we deem that it is necessary. We have the proper equipment and human resources to react to the needs of our customers quickly. Our services are customer-oriented, and we can assure you that we are keeping the proper accountability of our services. We are also committed to upholding the best environmental practices. We make sure that the animals will have a higher chance of survival in the wild that will keep the ecosystem in balance. We also do not use poisons and chemicals that can kill animals indiscriminately and can expose our customers to respiratory tract irritation. Call us now at 215-395-6550 for your Bucks County wildlife control needs.

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Bucks County Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Analyzing the Jumping and Climbing Capabilities of Pennsylvania Squirrels - Surprising Facts!

Squirrels have an outstanding ability to adapt in a diverse Bucks County environment that helped them refine their jumping and climbing skills. The creature may appear small and fragile but their ability will surprise you. While some people look at them as nuisance creature due to the damages that they can cause, you will still appreciate the exceptional ability of the squirrel to jump and climb while keeping their balance.

The Jumping Ability of the Pennsylvania Squirrel

Although there are some estimates that may appear exaggerated, such as the reports that claimed that they have the ability to leap at around 20 ft, the squirrels do have the ability to make a vertical or horizontal leap that is way beyond the capacity of human. According to a study that was performed at the University of Singapore, the tree squirrel can jump at approximately 10 ft. The ground squirrel on the other hand can jump a distance that is at least 8 times its length. Flying squirrel can glide an average of 295 ft.

How Do They Jump So Long and High?

Part of their amazing jumping ability can be attributed to the strong hind legs of the squirrels. In case you noticed, their hind legs are considerably larger than their front legs. This will provide them with enough propulsion to leap great heights and carry their tiny bodies. Another reason would be the wrists that are found in their hind limbs. These wrists are extendable and double jointed allowing them to change direction in small amount of time. Combined with the sharp claws, the squirrels can secure their jumping place when they plan to initiate a vertical leap.

Climbing Ability of Bucks County Squirrels

The squirrels have the ability to navigate the trees easily. You might not be surprised when you saw a squirrel climbing vertically down the tree. However, this is a unique feature since most animals will not be able to achieve this. While climbing the trees, the squirrels can immediately react to the challenges that they may encounter by quickly altering their direction. No other creature can match the acrobatic skills of a squirrel that has fully-adapted to its environment.

What Is the Reason Behind Their Incredible Climbing Skill?

The sharp claws of the Pennsylvania squirrels allow them to have a firm grip on the substrate when they are climbing. The joints on their hind legs are especially designed to swivel allowing them to run vertically down the structures or trees. This also helps them quickly change their preferred direction. The size of the squirrel also contributes to the agility of the squirrels.

Apart from their destructive behavior, the Bucks County squirrels possess a lot of incredible skill that you will appreciate. They have amazing organizational skills when collecting and storing their foods. Even on the off chance that they forgot the location of their food stash, this will help the new trees to grow. Their climbing and jumping skills allow them to remain safe from the threats of the predators.