Next Steps to Follow with Bucks County Pigeons after Capturing Them

We mentioned before in our previous article how trapping a Bucks County pigeon will not be effective to stop their infestation. However, if you still wish to use this method, you need to know that capturing them inside the cage is only a small portion of the task. You still have to know what to do with the birds inside the cage. You have to act fast since you can be prosecuted if these birds die due to starvation. Keeping them inside the cage for more than 48 hours is also considered illegal.

Things You Need to Do After Trapping the Pigeons

Cage Trapping is a control method that involves the use of the Pennsylvania cage trap. The trap will be positioned in an area with a high population of pigeon. The place should be accessible for the wildlife control agency. The trap will then be baited using a pigeon corn and this process will continue in the span of 7 days. After you successfully capture the pigeons, there are things that you need to do to ensure that the pigeon invasion will not happen again. 

Releasing Them

Some Bucks County pigeon control services will provide service that they think is more sensitive in the part of their client. Rather than killing them, they will be released on a distant location. In case the control specialist offered you this kind of service, remember that it is highly unlikely that the birds will be released. This is due to the fact that the pigeons are known for their homing instinct. Regardless of how far you released them from their nesting or roosting area, they will be able to return even if it is miles away. The wildlife specialist that will release them will be overjoyed by the fact that you’ll have to hire them again for the same type of infestation. 

Killing Them

After capturing them, the Pennsylvania pigeons will either be killed by using a gas chamber or by using a special type of pliers. These pliers will be used to break the neck of the pigeon in a split second that will give them a humane death. The gas chamber on the other hand will replace the oxygen in their body with a heavier type of gas that will eventually lead to a comma and then to their death due to suffocation.

Shooting Them

This is perhaps the most popular way of deterring the infestation of the Pennsylvania pigeon. If you are in an agricultural setting, this may be a possible method to use. There are instances when using firearms is prohibited in the urban areas especially if it is densely populated. There are also limitations on the type of gun that you are allowed to use. It should only be sufficient to allow you to kill the pigeon. You are also asked to inform the police when using this method.

Remember that the lethal method will also be ineffective as long as you don’t deal with the root cause of your problem. It will only take a few days before a new group of pigeons infested your area if there are things that keep attracting their attention in your house.

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