Best Way to Get Rid of Pesky Rats in YOUR Pennsylvania Roof - 3 Simple Tricks!

Rats have been considered as a nuisance Bucks County creature since the early civilization. They can damage our properties, contaminate our water and food sources, and transmit deadly diseases. There are two types of rats that will usually be found in your property, the Norway rat and roof rat. The Norway rat will generally be found in the ground while the roof rats are located in the roof. The rats in the roof should be a source of your worry. Once they enter our attic, they can chew different materials that can lead to costly repairs.

Ways to Eliminate the Rats in Your Roof

The first thing you need to do when removing the Pennsylvania rats in your roof is to identify them. This will help you understand their common behavior and create a unique solution. Getting rid of the rat will not be a fun job. However, this will not be too difficult especially if you conducted preventative measures.

Remove the Things That Are Attracting Them

The first step to take when getting rid of the rats in your roof is to eliminate the things that are attracting them. You need to go through the different areas in your house to properly identify the things that attracts their attention. Be sure to keep your food stash tightly secured. Dispose the leftovers properly in a trashcan that has a secured lid. You should also do your best to keep your house clean. This may not be enough to keep your house free from rats but it will help you create an environment that is not suitable for them.

Look for the Bucks County Rat’s Entry Point

The Pennsylvania rat will simply need a hole that is about ¼ inch in diameter to conveniently access our attic. Look around your house for any possible entry points especially on your roof structure. Look under the vents or the place of your plumbing and electrical wiring system. Foundation and crawl areas of your homes are also possible places of the rat’s access point. You should take a look at your siding for any signs of damage.

Seal Their Access Point

The access points that you’ve discovered should be properly sealed. Steel plate, wire mesh and caulk are the recommended materials to cover the holes. These materials can be acquired on your local hardware store. Do not purchase materials that will be vulnerable to the attack of the rats. You should trim the branches of the trees that give the rat a bridge to access sour roof. Rats are adept climbers, be sure that all holes in your attic have been completely sealed.

Finally, you will have to remove the Bucks County rats. There are different methods that you can use to deal with your infestation but we highly recommend the humane method since it comes with little to no risk. After removing the rats that has been plaguing your house, you will need to sanitize it and remove the signs of infestation. This will help you create a home that is safe and secured for the entire family. 

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