Ways to Humanely Kill a Pennsylvania Armadillo Inside a Cage

When there is a Bucks County armadillo that invaded your property, knowing what to do to prevent their damages is essential. After capturing them, the next possible course of action would be to relocate them in a place where they will not cause destruction. However, in some instances, releasing them away from the place where you captured them is illegal. During this time, euthanasia is your only option.

Effective Ways to Kill the Armadillo inside the Cage Humanely

Armadillo does not belong in the list of protected species. This means that you are allowed to kill a Pennsylvania armadillo that is destroying your property. Nonetheless, it is still not allowed to torment the creature. You will have to use only the humane method when killing them. Here are some of your options.

Shooting the Bucks County Armadillo

The use of firearms will only be allowed to use in areas that are not densely populated. Be sure to consult the local department to know if this method is permitted. Using firearms will only be humane if you can shoot the creature in its head. You will need to have an outstanding marksmanship skill in order to accomplish this feat. This comes with various risks, the bullet might ricochet or you can end up shooting another person or animal during the process. Alternatively, you can deal a swift blow at the back of their head. This will deliver the same effect of the gunshot. You may need to restrict their movement before using this procedure.

Lethal Injection

If using firearms seems to be overwhelming, the better option is the use of lethal injection. Some Pennsylvania veterinarians will offer this service. They will first administer a drug that relaxes the muscle of the creature. After this, the drug that stops the beating of their heart muscle will be injected. The armadillo will experience a relaxing death by using this method. Sadly, not a lot of veterinarians will offer this service. This is due to the fact that wildlife creatures such as armadillo will carry different diseases.

Gas Chamber

You can create your own gas chamber using simple materials found in your Pennsylvania house. Be sure to conduct this process outdoors to avoid the risks that come with it. The gas chamber that you will create should be properly sealed to prevent the escape of the gas. The aim of using the gas chamber is to replace the oxygen inside with a heavier gas such as carbon monoxide. As the oxygen in their body is being replaced, the creature will fall into coma and will eventually die. There are also wildlife centers that are offering this service.

The lethal method should only be used as your last resort. We encourage you to try to deter the activities of the Bucks County creature using the non-lethal methods first. In case none of this will work, you can ask the help of the professional armadillo removal agency. They have a list of solutions that can address your unique situation. 

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